isopipe3i – International Innovative Industries S.A. was established in 1997. Our plant is located at Ritsona area of Halkida – 68km north of Athens, on a private 30.000 sq meters facility that accommodates the fully automated production unit. Furthermore, since 2009 we founded ISOPIPE IBERICA S.L., our subsidiary company in Barcelona, Spain.
Our company is one of the three companies in vertical production of insulation worldwide, and is engaged in the production of the widely used closed cell synthetic rubber insulation with the trademark ISOPIPE. We are investing in high technology machinery, research and development and testing laboratories to improve the quality of our products every day. Our production process is now under ISO 9001:2008.
Since our foundation, our obsession on high quality and our attention to detail resulted in our products being covering every insulation and fire protection specification, while they are recommended by specialist as the most appropriate insulation, based on performance and lifetime. In the year 2000, ISOPIPE insulation was awarded by the EUROPEAN Business Organization, due to its excellent quality.
Our company’s investment in our R&D Department can be easily highlighted through the constant development on new and innovative insulation products. At the same time, we are proud that 3i is holding a protected patent for innovative product design for the ISOPIPE UV insulation protection (patent No 100 4469).
The above are the results of the continuous commitment to achieve customer satisfaction, through the philosophy stated as to
“We identify needs – we supply the solution.”
The international success of 3i in the insulation products market, as its export operation stretches nowadays in more than 40 countries, reward us by feeling proud on our contribution to global energy saving and the future of our planet.